When I started thinking about starting a business to teach cooking, I had no idea how little I knew about starting. I’ve come to see that as a gift, and a skill that most entrepreneurs have—the ability to initiate forward motion while disregarding a lot of naysaying. There are always a ton of reasons to not do something new, and most of them are completely reasonable. But if everybody heeded that advice, we would be stuck in a world without innovation or progress. I’m thankful that I was blissfully unaware of my deficient skills and experience.

One of my main motivators to get started was the potential to make an ever-increasing amount of money, and the possibility of automating that cashflow.

Oh man.

That’s a pretty selfish premise. It’s great and all, and I certainly want to provide for my family. But I was a little off the mark (or a little too much about The Mark). My dominating empire is still possible at some point, but it’s not how things are from the get-go.

In the midst of all my initial planning, I forgot about one small detail: people. There was some weird cognitive disconnect between teaching people how to cook, and the fact that those are real people. I guess I sort of imagined making videos, uploading them to YouTube, and magically having innumerable views. I don’t know who was viewing those imaginary videos. Maybe some culinarily-inclined robots…

During the past 5-6 weeks, I have been actually talking to the real-life individuals I want to serve. I’ve been reminded that I want to add value to people’s lives and share all of the things I’ve learned with my unique gift and passion for discovery and teaching. What significant shift in focus. My renewed goal is to enrich the lives of people in my sphere of influence.

And I find that I am far more inspired, I have more joy, I am reaching out more, and I have more clarity in my daily work. My former premise was super empty and had no sustaining power. Blindly pursuing our own fulfillment is actually a very unfulfilling prospect. It’s exciting to make contact with people whom I can genuinely help with my individual talents.

I have stopped deifying The Internet and returned to the people I am serving who use said interwebs. If you’re a human reading this, this is for you. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all.

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