Let’s get right down to it.

You don’t know what to get your sweetheart for Christmas.

I have your answer right here.

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You’ve bought last-minute, overpriced, slightly-off-the-mark gifts a few too many times. This year you want to nail it. Why not give the gift of professional kitchen skills and confidence that will literally last a lifetime?

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I’ve created a cooking course that combines what I learned working with professional chefs and the needs I’ve seen in home cooks. These 16 videos contain the most essential and universal skills that every cook should know. In 4 weeks, I take a cook with minimal skill to a place of never-before-experienced confidence. After completing this course, opening the refrigerator or browsing the farmer’s market will become the grounds for artful improvisation—cooking without recipes.

And you cannot put a price on that.

But there is a price for this course. It’s $497.

Today I’m giving you $250 (51%) off the total price. A gift from me as you give a gift.

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Hear what some of my students have to say.


Mark was an incredible coach who celebrated my strengths, asked thought-provoking questions, made practical suggestions, and added tools to increase my culinary literacy. He coached me to actively engage in meal planning, knife sharpening, slicing, broiling, and seasoning techniques that helped me improve the flavor and texture of the foods I already love.

Mark also helped me think creatively about ways to use the fresh produce from my fridge and garden that I had been avoiding. Bingo. No more wasted mango, bell peppers, kale, or leftover yams. My kids and husband loved the way I was able to use these fresh items and tie them together with foods I had already prepared in my crockpot or stored in my freezer.


To anyone who wants to gain confidence and skill in the kitchen, improve the health of your meals, or add new enthusiasm and pizazz to your meal planning and preparation, do yourself a favor and get this course from Tabula!”

- Sarah :: Folsom, CA


As an experienced cook, I was doubtful that there would be enough to learn to make this course worthwhile. But as I went through each lesson, I picked up so many helpful tricks and new ways of looking at ingredients I have used for a long time. I also was introduced to new ingredients and cooking techniques—all in a way that was so approachable. I never felt intimidated to try the next new thing because Mark has such a down-to-earth way of teaching and talking about food. It’s obvious that teaching and cooking are his passion.


After completing the lessons on meat, I actually feel comfortable branching out and trying new cuts that look good at the grocery store. It’s nice to be able to cook delicious, healthy food that I really enjoy, and that my husband and son will eat too!”

- Emily :: Davis, CA


If you still need more of a reason to jump on this deal, feel free to preview the first lesson here.

There’s a huge difference between most gifts that just perpetuate the consumption cycle and a self-betterment tool like this one. The former is based on a spike in dopamine that is inherently temporary. It only lasts as long as the “newness,” but it inevitably wears off—and quickly. The peak experiences that I’ve had are always related to times that I’ve chosen to invest in myself. There’s a deeper (and lasting) joy that comes from learning something new that will arm you with self-confidence and competence.

The 2 years I spent working in professional kitchens gave me the skills and confidence I needed to create this course. I would love nothing more than for you to share that with someone you love.

Go ahead and make it happen. You won’t regret it.