How It Works

I will come to your home for an initial 30-minute consultation, during which I will get to know your student, set specific goals, and learn about dietary limitations and food interests. I will also make recommendations for cooking equipment to be purchased, if necessary. From there, we will schedule a weekly 1-hour lesson and start cooking as soon as possible!

Each week, I will ask you to buy a small number of groceries to have ready for the lesson. I will be responsible for any specialized equipment or ingredients we will need for a specific lesson.

As your student heads into adulthood, my goal is to equip him or her to be self-sufficient with food—a skill that will last a lifetime. If fully understood and practiced, the 10 concepts listed below are enough to allow anybody to cook without recipes.


10 Core Lessons

  1. How to meal plan/shop

  2. How to season

  3. How to roast

  4. Knife skills

  5. How to make a salad

  6. How to pair foods

  7. How to cook starches

  8. How to sauté

  9. How to improvise

  10. How to reheat leftovers


In-N-Out at Home

Here’s a little preview of my teaching style.