Private Cooking Lessons

In Marin County, CA


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How it Works


After you’ve registered and purchased any needed cooking tools (see the list below), you can schedule a meeting time. The lessons are designed to fit together as a 10-week course, but you can enroll in as many (or few) as you like. Each week, we will cover one essential meal and one foundational skill, such as how to roast a chicken or how to use your knife to make a refreshing Thai-inspired salad (see below for the complete list).


Lessons take place in your home kitchen, and we will work together in the actual space where your student will be cooking day-to-day. I learned how to cook in some tiny/terrible apartment kitchens, and I discovered early on that you can do amazing things without the best space or equipment. It’s the knowledge and skill that produce great food, not the kitchen.


Lessons are 1 hour long.

Once you have registered, I will email you a link to my calendar so you can choose your preferred time.

How much

Each 60-minute session is $100, and I request that payment be made in full at the first lesson. I accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. A 25% discount will be applied to each student in a sibling/friend group (2-4 students).


Essential Tools

I have put together a comprehensive list of only the absolutely essential tools you need to cook nearly anything. These are the things I use on a daily basis that I have found to be reliable and easy to use.


Course Roadmap

10 Skills

  1. How to meal plan & grocery shop

  2. How to season (make simple food taste amazing)

  3. How to roast anything

  4. How to use a knife (all the essential skills)

  5. How to make a salad (no more store-bought dressing!)

  6. How to pair foods

  7. How to cook starches (no gluey mashed potatoes)

  8. How to sauté (and how to do that cool flip thing)

  9. How to improvise (and not end up with a train wreck)

  10. How to reheat leftovers (a trick from professional kitchens)

10 Meals

  1. Tortilla soup

  2. Chana masala (Indian stewed chickpeas)

  3. Roast chicken

  4. Stir fry

  5. Thai salad

  6. Burgers

  7. Breakfast tacos

  8. French toast

  9. Frittata (fluffy baked eggs)

  10. Pesto & red sauce


Here are some of the foods I have cooked with my students


(photo credit: Curtis Mitchell, Tamiscal High School student)


Sol Food at Home

Preview my teaching style, and learn a (really easy!) delicious dish.