The Recipe-Free Cook

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It’s unreasonable to ask you to buy a course without you having a clue what it will be like. So go ahead: take a test drive. Enjoy the first lesson from The Recipe-Free Cook without obligation.

This video—all about setting up your workstation and staying organized—is one of the most valuable in the course. If you decide not to purchase the course, I will still be proud to have shared this one lesson with you. If you actually implement it in your cooking, you will have a more organized and peaceful experience every time you cook.

Please enjoy the Thai salad recipe and the hard-fought lessons I learned while working in professional kitchens.

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When you purchase The Recipe-Free Cook, you will get this lesson plus 15 more. The course is designed to take place over 4 weeks, with you cooking 4 recipes per week. If you follow the lessons Monday through Thursday, you will have earned a 3-day weekend off from the duties of cooking.

Every lesson contains a video between 7 and 25 minutes (totaling about 4 hours of video instruction), and most have a downloadable recipe PDF like this one to get you started/jog your memory.


Let’s talk about the price

This course costs $497—which is a bargain. If you were to learn all of these lessons with me in person, it would cost over $2,000. With this video course, you get lifetime access to all of the lessons, and you can pause or rewatch the videos as many times as you like. You could spend $80-120 for a single cooking class at somewhere like Sur La Table, but you certainly wouldn’t leave with a system of techniques that would improve your cooking for life. Or you could spend 2 years in culinary school for an average of $30,000.

If the cost still seems unaffordable, I have a deal for you. This course could be FREE to you. There is a simple catch, though. If you find this course valuable, you can earn back your money by referring a friend you think could benefit from it. For each person you refer to this course, I will refund $100 to you. Refer 5 friends, and you’ll have all your money back in your pocket. (I wish Tesla had a referral program like that!)

I have been teaching for 12 years, and I have a skilled way of communicating things in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. You will also benefit from the years I spent working in professional kitchens—and you won’t have to work holidays or weekends or empty gallons of hot oil from a fryer. I did all of that and extracted the valuable lessons that actually result in better cooking.

Save Time

Time (W).jpg

After taking this course, you’ll be saving time for the rest of your life. When you learn the organization and preparation methods I teach, you won’t spend time second-guessing yourself or trying to learn new techniques in the middle of a recipe. Pair that with the confidence that every meal you make will be phenomenal, and you will almost literally be on fire.


Save Money

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Cooking your own food is remarkably less expensive than eating at a restaurant. If you’ve been using Doordash nightly or grabbing breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks, I can save you $100 per week! (Hint: this course pays for itself in less than 2 months.) Even if you buy the best ingredients, you will be spending way less than eating out. Restaurants charge 5x the cost of their ingredients in order to make a profit. So go ahead and buy the most premium organic ingredients you can find. You’ll still be way ahead.


Share Love

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There’s something magical about sharing a home-cooked meal with the people you love. It communicates a genuine care that is unlike anything else. When you take the time to put love into the meal you’re cooking, it becomes a gift infused with humanity—something we’re pretty starved for these days. You can’t eat an Instagram post…


What They’re Saying


Mark was an incredible coach who celebrated my strengths, asked thought-provoking questions, made practical suggestions, and added tools to increase my culinary literacy. He coached me to actively engage in meal planning, knife sharpening, slicing, broiling, and seasoning techniques that helped me improve the flavor and texture of the foods I already love.

Mark also helped me think creatively about ways to use the fresh produce from my fridge and garden that I had been avoiding. Bingo. No more wasted mango, bell peppers, kale, or leftover yams. My kids and husband loved the way I was able to use these fresh items and tie them together with foods I had already prepared in my crockpot or stored in my freezer.


To anyone who wants to gain confidence and skill in the kitchen, improve the health of your meals, or add new enthusiasm and pizazz to your meal planning and preparation, do yourself a favor and get this course from Tabula!”

- Sarah :: Folsom, CA


As an experienced cook, I was doubtful that there would be enough to learn to make this course worthwhile. But as I went through each lesson, I picked up so many helpful tricks and new ways of looking at ingredients I have used for a long time. I also was introduced to new ingredients and cooking techniques—all in a way that was so approachable. I never felt intimidated to try the next new thing because Mark has such a down-to-earth way of teaching and talking about food. It’s obvious that teaching and cooking are his passion.


After completing the lessons on meat, I actually feel comfortable branching out and trying new cuts that look good at the grocery store. It’s nice to be able to cook delicious, healthy food that I really enjoy, and that my husband and son will eat too!”

- Emily :: Davis, CA