Hi SMMC ladies!

My name is Mark, and I love sharing the gift of empowerment through cooking. I would love for you to experience that transformative self-assurance that I’ve seen take place in so many of my students. Can I share a bit about myself and an opportunity with you today?

I had the privilege of being raised by many wonderful women: my mom, aunt, grandmas, and my great-grandma. And I grew up eating all of the life-giving food they cooked. However, I never learned how to cook myself. After I got married, I really felt the need to get home-cooked food on the table, and my wife was raised by a single dad who was doing his best to get some dry Crock-Pot chicken on the table in between his day and night job. So, I took it upon myself to figure out how to cook.

That journey began back in 2009, and I just started by opening some cooking magazines my grandma had given me. Once I realized that I could easily produce a dish if I simply followed the step-by-step directions in each recipe, I started to fall in love with the whole process. I loved the planning, shopping, prep, cooking, and even the clean-up. I think I loved it so much because it connected me to the earth, saved us money, and resulted in food that was as good as—if not better than—our favorite restaurants.

As the years went on, we had a baby. And another. And another. That’s 3 kids in 3 years! Those were the years when cooking was the most important to me. I kind of held on to it as a life raft. Not only did it allow me to deliver nourishment to my wife and kids, it also provided a moment for me to feel like an autonomous adult with a fragment of sanity. It was a time to have contemplative thoughts and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Yes, that’s 3 diapers you see there.

Yes, that’s 3 diapers you see there.


I grew more and more obsessed with the process of cooking and the endless world of learning, and it finally culminated when my wife came home to me treating our kitchen like a professional test kitchen as I sought the perfect pretzel bun recipe. At that point, she encouraged me to transition into cooking professionally. So I took the leap and quit my successful business teaching private music lessons to pursue a job as a cook.

My first day as a line cook.

My first day as a line cook.


In July of 2016, we moved back home to Marin County to live with family so we could afford to live on my measly line cook paycheck. I worked in a fine dining restaurant (Cavallo Point in Sausalito) for a year, and then I was fortunate to work in the cooking school on the same property for the next 6 months.

I learned SO much during that time, and now I am spending my time sharing my unique experience as an obsessive learner who studied hard in my home kitchen and then worked in the chef world for 18 months.

Although I’m not a woman, I live in the world of raising young kids hands-on. I feel the importance and pressure of getting healthy meals on the table on an ongoing basis. I feel the shame when we’ve had mac & cheese and pizza 5 out of the past 7 nights. And I feel the delight of involving my 3-year-old with making dinner—and the indescribable joy when he actually asks to help!

We are all short on time, and it’s just plain hard to keep the food production line going at all times. So we try Blue Apron or HelloFresh, we grab the Whole Foods prepared food, we order takeout, we heat up Trader Joe’s frozen dinners, and we hit the drive thru. But there’s nothing that can quite substitute for making dinner from fresh produce and groceries we bought. But it’s a pain to constantly be looking for new recipes on Pinterest, consulting our favorite cookbooks, and making our go-to recipes for the zillionth time.

My flagship video cooking course teaches you everything you need to know to open your refrigerator any day of the year and make an amazing dinner—without a recipe. And that is an incredibly powerful feeling. Don’t know your way around knife skills, meat cooking, or how to improvise? You will by the end of this 4-week, 16 video course. Each lesson video is between 7 and 25 minutes long, which you can reasonably fit into your day.

I worked with a bunch of chefs and got to learn the way they think about cooking. It’s a very different approach than home cooks have. So I took the most relevant lessons and crafted them into a very approachable course that regular people like me and you could use on a daily basis. The lessons contained within the course can all be applied to everything you cook for the rest of your life. And that’s really powerful.

Take some time to preview the first lesson and see if it seems like something you would find valuable. If so, I have a promo code for you to take $200 off the full price. Just enter MOMLIFE at checkout to receive the discount. I would love to see you experience the growth that I have seen in so many of my students. You’ll be surprised at the level of confidence that will permeate your whole life after mastering your kitchen skills.

All the best.



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