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Cooking is easy.

You can learn to cook.

Once you know the 16 fundamental techniques, you can cook literally anything.


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What is technique-based cooking?

When you learn governing principles of cooking, it changes everything.

  • Decode a recipe—and even improve it

  • Cook perfectly to your taste

  • Recreate your favorite restaurant dish

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Meet your instructor

My name is Mark, and I am obsessed with cooking and teaching. I didn’t learn how to cook when I was growing up, and I soon discovered I wasn’t the only one. I’m just one person in the second generation of an epidemic in which we are neglecting to teach life skills.

Let me guide you in the most practical learning you’ll ever do.


Why online learning?

Culinary academies are closing for a reason. Video learning is the future.

With ever-increasing online platforms like Khan Academy, Udemy, and Teachable, it just makes sense to learn at your own pace in your own place. Skip the $20k culinary degree and learn everything you need right here.

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Someday you’ll barely remember the day you didn’t know how to cook.

Let’s start the journey right now.